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Native American Veterans
The "Eagle Warriors" Native American Veteran Society

Membership Lists:

1. Sandi (Cooney) White, Army Paratrooper, Decorated
2. Doug (Snar) Ray, Army Paratrooper, Decorated
3. David (Uncle Dunk) Wilson, Army Corp of Engineers, Midway, Decorated
4. Luther (Boots) Wilson, Army Infantry, Decorated
5. Willard (White Hog) Burns, Marines Paratrooper, Decorated
6. Arvid White, Army Infantry, Korea
7. Ervin Stevenson, Navy
8. Jimmy Ivonen, Army
9. Brown Ray, Army
10. Delmar Campbell, Army Infantry

Veterans Still Living

1. Richard Smith, Air Force, India, WWII
2. Mervin Wilson, Army Paratrooper, Italy & France (Normandy Beach)
3. Robert Campbell, Army Infantry
4. Joseph L Lucas, Navy, Viet Nam
5. Martin L Wilson, Army, Germany
6. DeWayne M Wilson, Army, Viet Nam
7. Bennet James, Marines, Germany
8. Robert Bell, Army Aviation (Rotor Wing) UHIH Huey, Viet Nam
9. William Scott, Army
10. Michael Fitgerald, Air Force "22 Yrs."
11. Roberta Norris, Air Force

12. Rudy Henthorne, Army
13. Filbert Anderson, Army, WWII

If you are of Native American (Indian) Ancestry, living in the Laytonville area, and would like your name included on this list, please contact us at one of the addresses below:

Robert Bell
P.O. Box 51
Laytonville, CA 95454

Native American Veterans
Cahto Tribal Center
P.O. Box 1239
Laytonville, CA 95454

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