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Environmental Department (EPA)

News from the Environmental Office

Since coming on as the new Environmental Director, I've been working closely with, and have met, some very good people, dedicated to helping the Tribe find answers to their questions and make informed decisions regarding their Tribal lands.

At this point, this office is being funded in large part by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency General Assistance (G.A.P.) funds.

In addition, this office is funded by the EPA's Clean Water Act Pollution Control grant, an EPA Nonpoint Source water grant, an EPA Network One Stop grant (which is funding this website), as well as a small BIA solid waste grant and a State Tire clean-up grant. Future funding sources are also being researched to open up more resources for environmental education and to help clean up the Tribal lands. I'd like to see the children more involved in nurturing the earth - they're the hope for the future! Maybe Education and this office can collaborate.

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